Miss Dawn

March 13th, 2009

Miss Dawn. A science teacher from my past. A youngin and definately on something. Nose piercings and wierd clothes (a sheep skin vest was just one of many strange pieces). She was quite cranky at the beggining- we had to scrub the desks clean after each lesson- and once we had to scrape the gum from underneath the tables. I think that is taking things a bit far!. Half way through the year she falls pregnant to her Indian boyfriend Raj. She comes from a nice white family and she was a bit worried about the colour of the baby! racist oi! so her baby was born at the end of year in the school hols and I am yet to see this strange creature, but rumour has it……………..its white! i guess she will be overjoyed, but it leaves us wondering if it is Raj’s baby or not? because i’m pretty sure the brown skin gene is dominant. hmmmmm maybe i will find out the truth one day… Auf Wiedersehen und Guten Nacht! liebe Danika

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