Miss Yang

March 13th, 2009

Miss Yang hmmmm i was a bit scared when I found out I had her, i thought she was a bit crap. But no so far she is actually great. She’s asian if you hadn’t already figured that out by her name and has really, really really times a million, bad breath. If she’s talking to you it is advised that your nostrils stay closed at all times and that breathing is through mouth only. If you don’t follow these regulations, you may find yourself fainting. Also she has a strange snaggle-tooth that for the first couple of weeks you are drawn to and can’t help staring at. Poor lady she is actually very nice and yeh. Auf wiedersehen und Guten Nacht. Liebe Danika

Miss Dawn

March 13th, 2009

Miss Dawn. A science teacher from my past. A youngin and definately on something. Nose piercings and wierd clothes (a sheep skin vest was just one of many strange pieces). She was quite cranky at the beggining- we had to scrub the desks clean after each lesson- and once we had to scrape the gum from underneath the tables. I think that is taking things a bit far!. Half way through the year she falls pregnant to her Indian boyfriend Raj. She comes from a nice white family and she was a bit worried about the colour of the baby! racist oi! so her baby was born at the end of year in the school hols and I am yet to see this strange creature, but rumour has it……………..its white! i guess she will be overjoyed, but it leaves us wondering if it is Raj’s baby or not? because i’m pretty sure the brown skin gene is dominant. hmmmmm maybe i will find out the truth one day… Auf Wiedersehen und Guten Nacht! liebe Danika

The nazi patrol

March 13th, 2009

So the teachers at my school are pretty much all total nazis and this category is dedicated to those soul-sucking beasts. I will try to comment on all of my teachers for this year and maybe some greats from the years before.. enjoy

Mrs Foster

March 13th, 2009

Mrs Foster- what a total mental. where do I start?. Well first off she’s my English teacher and her son is in my year. He’s not much better than her. One of those people who think they are cool, but are actually not!!! Anyways Mrs Forester has the wicked-ist hand movements/gestures of all time. Mrs Potter has nothing on her!!!. And she is always shaking, i think she’s scared of us! I sit next to one of my bffs Scarlett and my other friend LouLou, and boy does she hate us!! She is always getting me and Scarlett mixed up -which we find hilarious and play along with it. We actualli look nothing like each other so i’m not sure what she’s on!! 

So the other day she says to us – “ok we are gonna have a debate. One team is for smoking in a public places and one team is against” Me, scarlett and LouLou were against smoking and Pip and Emily were for. So when we were meant to be preparing our side of the debate, we were just laxing about and Scarlett wrote up some half-assed attempt and then ten minutes later we were up. So we went first, Scarlett reading out a paragraph of schiesse and then it was Pip and Emily’s turn. Emily comes out with this big ass paragraph about total nonsense -which mrs Foster said was good ( but she is on crack so who cares) and then I fired back at her off the top of my head, and mrs Foster says “is that what you wrote down?” And i was like “yeh I lernt it off by heart” and then it was the Pip’s turn and she says some complete crap and I try to but in with my opinion and the almighty mrs foster silences me! wtf its a debate! for gods sake!!! She says that we were meant to write an essay and then read it out not just argue with the other team- however as i promptly showed her, the dictionary says that a debate is an argument ( and the dictionary is always right). She told me to stop arguing. God what a git. And to make matters worse she gave Pip and Emily chocolate bars.

And then when she refused to answer any questions from Scarlett later on in the lesson, scarlett said to me and Loulou “she won’t let me ask any questions” well that did it. Scarlett had to wait outside and then stay to talk to her after class. I was gonna wait for scarlett, but after 10mins i got seriously bored and left. Next block in german Scarlett told me that she had to stay there for all but the last ten minutes of lunch. And mrs foster made out that me and Loulou are like bad influences or something and scarlett should just ignore us!!!!!!!!! WTF????????!!!!!!!! Wat a Nazi…Gosh I ranted on for way to long . Auf Widersehen und Guten Nacht! Liebe Dana (:

its Dana not Dayna!!!

March 13th, 2009

Ahhhh here comes a rant. My name is Dana – pronounced Dah-na NOT Dayna!!! omg i actualli get so flippen angry when  the stupid Nazis (teachers) call me Dayna. Like honestly wtf my name doesn’t have a flippen Y in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? This one particular teacher Mrs Junior calls me Dayna no matter how many times I tell her its Dana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hallo (:

March 13th, 2009
  • Hallo. This is my first ever blog thingy. I’ve never had a blog before so i’m not really  sure wat i’m doing but oh well. No one will probably ever read this, its just for me to babble on about random stuff really. Well anyways I’m really bored………………………….
  • I’m trying to do my stupid english homework or homelearning as the nazi patrol ( a.k.a the teachers) want us to call it. Homelearning – how lame is that! wtf why can’t we just call it homework??! and why oh why are we called learners instead of students??? The headmaster is obviously menatally challenged. The headmaster, or as we like to call him lopsided larry (the unfortunate twit has a rather lopsided mouth and face), is a total wierdo. Everyone prefers the second inline 2IC deputy Mr. Willis – who has actually changed our school for the better ( i think anyways) by kicking out all the stupid rebals. Honestly, being rebellious is so not cool!!!!!! Anyways I better get back to my homelearning..  Aufwiedersehen und Guten nacht. Liebe Danika

Hello world!

March 13th, 2009

Hey I’m Danika Lee. Everyone calls me Dana though. I’m 15 years old and I live in New Zealand. I’m not much of a writer, in fact, I suck at english but oh well.